Local Business Spotlight: Wills Family Orchard


Photo by Lauren Brady

Photo by Callie Hazel

With some friends, I visited the Wills Family Orchard on Saturday, October 24th. After a short drive from Adel on some gravel road, we reached the orchard. It was pretty quiet — not a lot of people were around at noon. A chicken coup and fenced area with 4 baby goats and 2 small pigs welcomed us. I immediately went over to pet all of the friendly goats. There was no charge for petting the animals or going through their new rope maze in the woods, which is something hard to find at pumpkin patches these days. The only charge for these fun fall festivities was the charge of the pumpkin you bought. No admission or activity fees. The orchard had a small building decorated like a cozy farm store, equipped with lots of homemade goods; honey, goat milk soap, pies, and warm apple cider and donuts.

Wills Family Orchard is certainly a hidden gem. Although lots of Adel residents know it exists or have been there, it isn’t a first choice for a lot of people for some reason. Lot’s of people prefer Howell’s instead, but the admission fee and expenses drove us away. Wills met all of my expectations and wishes for an ideal day at a pumpkin patch. The best part? The extremely low to no pay. I highly recommend this to anyone and will definitely return!*







*NOTE: As wonderful as the prices are, in order to keep Wills functioning, purchasing at least something is ideal. Even if it is just a small gourd, contributing to keep this small business afloat is crucial. Coming to have fun at the pumpkin patch and mooching off of their good deals, not buying anything, is the most detrimental thing you could do to this family business.

Check Wills Orchard out at https://willsfamilyorchard.com/