Athlete of the Week – Week of 9/13: Vince Bennetti


Photo by Kashish Patel

Vince Benetti, Athlete of the Game

Vince Benetti was honored as the Athlete of the Game at the Winterset v. ADM game that took place during the week of September 13th. Vince Benetti is a sophomore and he is the son of Marco and Jodi Benetti. Benetti has been playing football since 3rd Grade.  Vince says that being the Athlete of the Game “Means a lot and shows that working hard is paying off.” Vince said that the thing he loves most about football is that “[He] can hit people really hard and not get in trouble for it.”

Vince believes that he is honored with this honor “For making a big impact in the game and playing well.” Vince was asked about the things he did differently in that game that might have led to him receiving this honor. Vince quoted that he did do anything different but he “Just felt really good before the game and that carried into actually playing.” Though, Vince said that he makes sure that “I and my teammates are doing their jobs.”

In recognition of this honor, $50 has been donated to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.