October Fine Arts Student of the Month: Sarah DenHerder


Sarah DenHerder, junior, and daughter of Steve and Julie DenHerder has been honored as one of the Fine Arts Students of the month for October. She has been involved in many different activities, both involving and not involving the Fine Arts, including Band, Choir, Cross Country, and Jazz Choir. She is a section leader in Band for the French Horn section.

“I learned how to work hard because I had to practice and stuff. I learned how to work hard with other people because in Choir you sing together and in Band you play together,” Sarah said in an interview when asked what she has learned from her experiences in the Fine Arts. She participates in the activities because she thinks it’s fun and she has a lot of friends that participate in them.

Being honored as a Fine Arts student is no small feat, and to DenHerder, it means that her hard work is being recognized and has paid off. She believes that she has been honored as a Fine Arts Student of the Month because she is extremely involved in all the aforementioned activities, although she is more involved in Band. Inside the parameters of Band, she has auditioned for both SKEEBA, an honor band, as well as the All-State Band. Both of those processes require extremely hard work and dedication to the instrument and the music. She is also involved in Choir.

In honor of her achievements, Lincoln Savings Bank has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.