October Cheerleading Athlete of the Month: Ellah Genovese


Photo by Kashish Patel

Ellah Genovese, Athlete of the Month (Cheerleading)

Ellah Genovese, daughter of Troy and Jennifer Genovese, has been honored at the Cheerleading Athlete of the Month this month. Genovese is a Sophomore at ADM and has been a part of the Cheer Team for 3 years.

Ellah has been a part of the Cheer Team since the beginning of her high school career. Genovese says that she loves the “teamwork our team has.” Ellah also said that the Cheer Team is more like a family to her. Genovese quoted that she adores “the family it (cheerleading) has given me throughout the years.” When asked about what she did to achieve this honor, Ellah mentioned that “the hard work I’ve done paid off.”  Genovese believes that she has been rewarded with this honor, “because I’ve always tried to do my best and be a good role model.” Genovese was elated to earn this honor.