Mail In Voting

Adel Poll Station, Faith Lutheran Church. Pictured by Iowa Living Magazine.

Adel Poll Station, Faith Lutheran Church. Pictured by Iowa Living Magazine.

Mail in voting, a hot topic in today’s political world. One thing that we have to keep in mind when considering mail in voting, or even supporting it, is that this is not new. It goes without saying that the idea of mail in ballots are being popularized right now because of the Covid-19. Some people not wanting to risk their health by going to the polls prefer mail in ballots as an alternative way to vote.

“A benefit to mail in voting is how much more inclusive it is. It makes it a lot easier for people with busy jobs and lives to participate in the voting process.” says Government teacher, Mr. Rupe.

In the 2000 election, Americans were pushed to vote, this then increased the rate of mail in voting. The state of Oregon is also 100% mail in voting, therefore it can obviously be done. There are still concerns throughout the nation regarding whether or not the whole country, and even President Trump, can get on board. Recent polls have shown that an influx of mail in voters will drop Trump’s campaign (one done by the New York Times).

Mrs. Mullis, chemistry and biology teacher says, “Mailing in your ballot gives you the ability to research candidates while looking at the ballot [if you see an unfamiliar name]. One problem with mail in voting could be getting new information about candidates after you have already mailed in your vote.”

Post Master General Louis Dejoy says that the United States Postal Service does not have the amount of resources and workers to make mail in voting work throughout the nation, but also refuses to schedule any mailman/mailwoman overtime. The Daily. To clarify, the difference between a mail in voting ballot and an absentee ballot is slim, but still there. An absentee ballot needed to be requested online or in person for a long time. They were there for Americans who physically could not go into voting ballots, or were scheduled to be out of state during the period the polls were open for. Mail in ballots are now mailed to people’s houses and given as an option for people to vote that way, even if they could go to the polls. In current times, absentee ballots and mail in ballots are seeking out citizens who want to do this, and are no longer needed to be requested.

Jacob Derifield, and ADM senior says that, “If I could vote, I would definitely mail in my ballot, not necessary due to safety reasons, but because the majority of America has had the option to mail in their vote for years and I think it is a good right to exercise. Not all people can physically go to the polling stations, which has been a reality for quite some time.”

A current issue people are having with their mail in ballots is one being sent to their house with the address already scripted on the form. President Donald Trump decided that people should fill out their own address, and a second ballot was sent out for the 2020 election. This does pose an issue for poll workers and voters in general. One real issue is some people could be unaware about the second form and submit the first one, and have their vote not count. A new problem that people against mail in ballots have brought up is the ballots slowing down the voting process. There is a date that the ballot has to be postmarked by, but if they do not get to the poll counters in time, the election may not be as clean cut, meaning it will still be accurate, but we won’t have all the votes in as quickly as a normal election season. Keep in mind though, there is nothing normal about 2020. So, you decide, mail in voting or go to the polls.

Poll location for Adel, IA:

Faith Lutheran Church
602 S 14TH ST

Source: The Daily, podcast hosted by Michael Barbaro, episode “The President, the Postal Service, and the Election.”