Football Player of the Game: Tate Stine-Smith


Tate Stine-Smith, Football Player of the Game week 1

Tate Stine-Smith is being honored as the football Player of the Game for week 1 at Nevada. Tate is a senior at ADM and is the son of Leanna and Sean Stine-Smith. Football has been a huge part of Tate’s life starting around second grade. Tate has dedicated a lot of hard work in his craft. He loves the competitive nature of the sport, and his hard work and dedication showed in his week one performance.

When asked what Player of the Game meant to him, He stated, “Hard work was paying off.” He believes he was given this honor due to the teams’ efforts, his own individual leadership, and his execution on the field.

In honor of his achievements, Fuller Standard Service has donated $50 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.