What to Expect for Next Years News Room!


What a year it was for the news staff, it was so much fun and I think everyone on staff can say we all got closer together as friends more than anything else.

But there can always be improvements to make the Black and Redgister even better for you. Social media is a big part, as we are very big in twitter. Our handle for the Black and Redgister twitter is @admjstaff. We also have another twitter that is inspired of off humans of New York, so then you can learn stuff about ADM students that maybe you never knew, the handle is @PeopleOfADM.

We are also expanding to INSTAGRAM and TIK TOK next year! so if you have any of those apps be sure to follow those so you get the latest on ADM news and some funny videos of ADM students, teachers and your staff on Tik Tok! The handle for Instagram is @blackandredgister. And our Tik Tok username is @Blackandredgister.

We cant wait for next year, have a great summer everyone!