A Tribute to the Senior Staff Members

    A Tribute to the Senior Staff Members

    The school year ended to soon, and so did our time with the seniors. So lets take a look at the seniors in the staff that wrote the stories you read, made the Friday Flashes that you laughed and were great students in our school.

    First we have Max Weesner. Max has been on staff for two years, his favorite part was, always editing the Friday Flash. I asked him for someone who is considering joining news what you say and he said. ¨To anyone considering joining news, I say to think long and hard about it, because its not for everyone, it might look easy and fun but theirs a lot of work to be done.¨

    Next we have Grace Hatchitt. Grace has been on staff for 2 years. Her favorite part about news is sharing a voice with the school and having the opportunity to become more confident and there is things that you wont in any other class, such as the Friday Flash and People of ADM. ¨Go for it, you get to put yourself out there and it is not just another class.¨ After high school Grace is attending Iowa State University and is going to continue to create stories and design with majoring in Integrated Studio Arts.

    Up next is Cam While. This was Cams first year on staff. Cams favorite part about news was working with everyone so he could get student voices heard. Cam says. ¨If you even have the slightness itch towards joining news Journalism, do it because you wont regret it!¨ After High school Cam is attending Simpson to study elementary ed.

    Next we have Abbie Hlas. This was her first year on staff. Her favorite part about news was getting to know and interact with different people. Abbie says. ¨If someone was considering joining the news staff I would tell them to join. This class is unlike any class you will ever take.¨ After High school Abbie is attending Winona state and majoring in Pe Education and coaching.

    Next up is Olivia Klassen. This was her first year on staff. Her favorite part about news was how different the classroom was from every other classroom. ¨It is a very welcoming environment, do it, because if you hate it, it is still a fun class.” Says Klassen to students who are thinking about joining news.

    Next is Sabrina McDonald. This was her first year on staff. Her favorite part about news was having the freedom to write what she wanted to, and stepping out of her confront zone to produce content. ¨For people who are considering taking news, I would tell them that it is an amazing class to get to know people and create good content. Being on staff is an adventure everyday, and one of the most fun classes you could take.

    And Finally is Colton Pirtle. This was his first year on staff. He joined staff because it was his senior year and he really wanted to enjoy his last year. He plans on going to a college that will let him run track, as he has a couple colleges looking at him. And the profession he wants to go in is law enforcement.

    Thank you so much Seniors, good luck after high school!