Teckenburg: Don’t Take Stuff for Granted

Joining news when I was a junior was probably one of the greatest decisions I had ever made in high school. When I was a kid I’d always dreamed of being a sports reporter of some kind, that dream later faded as I now want to be an elementary teacher, but joining this class sparked that love a little bit and I’m glad I was able to experience that a little.

The love for news for me started all the way when I was a freshman and I wasn’t even in the class yet. I would always love watching the Friday Flashes as it would make me laugh so much watching all the upperclassmen which I idolized lol. And it all circled around as a senior I’m the one who made the Friday Flashes for the 2020-2021 journalism staff. There is someone who I can’t thank enough though which is Mrs. Knipper who suggested me because of my photography skills as I had a photography account on Instagram that I kept running through sophomore year all the way until my junior year, so if it wasn’t for making that account I may not be here right now.

There are so many people I have to thank for a lot of my success in this class, the first is just all my classmates in general for this year, as they would give such great ideas and build off of mine to make this website and the Friday Flashes the way they were as I couldn’t do it without them. And finally Mrs. Basinger I could go on and on about her, easily one of my favorite teachers ever, she guided me so much throughout my news career if that was the Friday flash, news stories, or just life in general.

As I wrap up my high school career all I can think about is do not take stuff for granted, part of my Junior year got cut short and my Senior year just wasn’t the same. So all I would have to say is just do as much as possible in high school and take everything in because it goes by so fast. I love news so much and if I could do it all over again I would!