May Fine Arts Student of the Month: Sebastion Steelman


Photo by Sebastion Steelman

Sebastion Steelman

Sebastion Steelman is the Fine Arts Student of the Month for May. Sebastion is a senior this year, and the son of Nate and Jen Steelman. Sebastion has been involved in painting and has learned that there is more to life than rushing through. “With painting, you take your time and appreciate every little detail about the object you’re studying, the emotions it embodies, the colors, and all the sense that it brings out in our imagination,” said Steelman.

Sebastion has helped problem-solve parts of their art shows, as well as helping Mrs. Clowser in a way with his work. Steelman believes other people should participate in painting because it is fun to do and it gives a better perspective on the world and other aspects of life.

When asked what being Fine Arts Student of the Month means to him, Sebastion replied, “I honestly never thought I was good enough for Fine Arts Student of the Month since I’m more of a recreational user or painter. But I guess being it’s during a troubling time really makes me happy and like I’ve finally done something with my hard work and hours of holding a brush with water on it.” Steelman believes he has been honored as Fine Arts Student of the Month because he thinks naturally like an artist and uses that in his daily life, so his perspective on things is appreciated in some ways.

In honor of his achievements, Lincoln Savings Bank is donating $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.