February Wrestler of the Month: Ty Hook


Photo by Colton Pirtle

Standing proud, Ty Hook embraces his role of wrestler athlete of the month.

Ty Hook is the wrestler of the month for February. The young Sophomore is the son of Jodi and Trever Hook and has participated in this sport from Kindergarten to Sixth grade, he then had a peace period before resuming from Eighth grade to his Sophomore year so far.

When asked what he loves about wrestling, he said “that it isn’t like the other sports where it requires a team to get the job done, it’s one on one, an all you kinda sport”

Wrestling commends everyone on their hard work and support of one another, but when it really comes down to keeping your career alive, you are the only one to depend on to get the job done. Being an athlete of the month is a special recognition for hard work and achievements of student-athletes.

As one of them, Hook was asked what being an athlete of the month means to him,”What it means to me is that I was the hardest worker of that month, and it is a payoff of all the hard work I was committed to. I embraced the grind,” he said.

To add on to what it means to be an athlete of the month, Hook said his reasoning for why he believes he has been honored as the wrestler of the month.

“I just work really hard in practice and it prepares me for my meets. But I also push through anything that comes my way and the hard work pays off” he said.

For Ty Hook’s hard work, Adel Health Mart has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Fund.