February Basketball Cheerleader Of The Month: Christina Chapman

Christina Chapman cheering on the basketball teams to victory.

Photo by Olivia Klassen

Christina Chapman cheering on the basketball teams to victory.

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Christina Chapman is the February Basketball Cheerleader of the Month. She’s the daughter of April and Chris Chapman and is a senior this year.

For about six years Chapman has been doing cheer she started in seventh grade. When asked about what she loves about cheer she said, “I love to cheer on my school and cheer the teams onto victory. I also loved how much of family cheer is.”

Being Athlete of the Month, Chapman said, “It means I’ve shown ability in cheer and have shown leadership abilities that have rubbed of on the underclassmen since this basketball squad is mainly underclassmen.” She believes she was honored for again showing leadership qualities and always being there to help solve problems that arise and for always having a cheer ready in the back of her mind the squad can do just in case complications come up.

In recognition of her achievements  Fareway has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.