January Wrestling Cheerleader of the Month: Amethyst Heil


Photo by Sunshine Scott

Amethyst Heil cheers hard during a fall football game.

Junior Amethyst Heil, the daughter of Matthew and Judy heil is January’s wrestling cheerleader of the month. She has been cheering since middle school.

Heil’s favorite part about cheering is stunting and the team’s energy. “I love how the team gets along and team bonding,” She said. Being the winter cheerleading athlete of the month means a great deal to Heil.

“It feels amazing,” Heil said. “I went out of my comfort zone to cheer and I fell in love with it.”

She feels like she has been honored as Winter Cheerleader of the month because she gives it everything she can. Heil loves to be peppy and loud and to get everyone involved.

In honor of her achievements, Fareway has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.