Boy’s Golf Gets A New Head Coach

Nolan Gitch takes over for Kelly Roder


Photo by Cameron while

Nolan Gitch out and about during the basketball games tonight. Gladly cheering on the tigers 🐅.

Kelly Roder has stepped down as Head Boys Golf Coach and Nolan Gitch stepped up and has taken over Boys Head Coach. He played for four years while in high school and has been playing for as long as he can remember. Gitch is very excited for the season to start and “absolutely can’t wait” to get started and coaching the sport he loves.

Roder decided to step down for the sole reason of wanting to spend more time with his kids. Gitch has always loved golf and it’s been one of his favorite sports to play competitively and leisurely and it’s a sport you can play all your life.

Gitch enjoys the challenge the boys can get from playing on all types of different courts. Aaron Teckenburg spoke very highly of Gitch and is very excited for him to take over and get working. When asked about what’s going to change for the team with the change of coaches, Teckenburg said, “Probably the practice stuff we don’t know if practices are the same and we’re gonna come in with the same focus as every year.”

Carter Greenslade said, “Gitch is trying to get all players onto a course.” Greenslade said that last year not everyone was able to get onto a course during practices and hopefully Gitch can get this to work so that they can have everyone practicing together.

Teckenburg  said, “It’s gonna be a big change because a new coach is always hard, but we’ve known Gitch for a long time and forming the relationship with him shouldn’t be a problem.” Greenslade added, “Hopefully it will be a good we have a lot of new people coming out just because they like Gitch as a coach.”

This 2020 boys golf season is going to be different from years past hopefully, Gitch can have some success as a first-year  boys head coach, Greenslade talked about his thoughts on how this will impact the season “Hopefully it will be better, I personally don’t know how much Gitch knows about golf, but have heard he’s a good golfer.”  Head out to watch the boys team get some holes-in-one, check them out on the course this spring.