October Teacher of the Month: Beth Knipper


Photo by Colton Pirtle

Our October Teacher of the Month goes to English teacher Beth Knipper. She was nominated by many ADM students but there was one student’s response that stood out from the rest. Dylan Hunt, and his reason for her nomination? Because reasons. That response doesn’t get more detailed than that. Literally.

Being a teacher for thirteen years and working here at ADM for nine years has been a exciting coaster ride for the veteran teacher. When asked why she became a teacher and the specific subject, she had this to say: “I became a teacher to make a difference in students lives. But also to be there when someone needs counsel or someone to be heard. Why English? Well before I began working in a school I was a journalist, so English matched my skills very well. Plus I enjoy writing.”

When being selected as Teacher of the Month, a teacher is being recognized for standing out above others and leaving a impression on students making them feel good about themselves. “Being a Teacher of the Month is very special to me because I get to see the kids I was nominated by and the reasons for that. But it’s a nice pick me up every week.” said Ms. Knipper.