Asilyan: One completed chapter doesn’t mean your story is over

Life is a book. It’s up to you how you are writing and how you fill in the pages of your book. It’s okay if you make mistakes while writing because there is always a way to throw away the draft and start a new page. The ups and downs make your story more interesting.

It’s the same with News. It’s always good to know what happens in the world because YOU are part of society and a representative of the world. Due to Journalism, I got to know about different things happening in the world that I wasn’t aware of. The current news quizzes we took had news coming from different parts of the world including local news. Stories we were telling were the things happening in the school and in our lives. The good news we were sharing before every class was helping us to feel closer to each other and feel like a family. The five minutes jobs, the Student of the Month stories were making us be more productive and responsible with deadlines. The People of ADM–this is what is special about our school. This is what I don’t have back home and it’s a skill I’m ready to use there.

One completed chapter it’s not the end of your story. Live it, feel it, write about it.