Grand March…Grand Proposal


Logan Shield proposes to Gabbi Moss at the Grand March.

This year ADM’s Prom theme was the “Enchanted Forest.”  On April 14, the day of prom, the decorations were full of sparkles, magical trees and dazzling lighting.  Yet, those weren’t the only “enchanting” things planned for the night. Walking down the Grand March, Logan Shield got down on one knee and proposed to Gabbi Moss just before her senior prom.

Shield got the idea to propose on prom all on his own. He thought if he planned to ask her on a fancy date, then she would suspect something was happening.

“I knew I wanted to propose when I realized every time I envisioned my future, she was by my side,” Shield said.

As for Moss, the proposal was a big surprise.

“When he got down on one knee I asked him, ‘are you serious?’ I didn’t know he was being serious because Logan is the type of person that would do it to mess with me, but he told me he was serious,” Moss said.

The rumor of the proposal was buzzing all around school, but surprisingly never reached Gabbi.

“Everybody knew, but I knew nothing. I’m surprised no one whispered something while I was around,” Moss said.

Once Shield got down on one knee, the feelings of nerves and shock formed in both of them.

“I was very nervous, if I wasn’t, she wouldn’t be worth it. Time literally froze and it was just her and I,” Shield said. “Seeing her light up made me so happy and after she said yes the feeling just intensified.”

When Moss said yes and Shield slid the ring on her finger, the crowd of people went wild clapping and hollering.

“The rest of prom night was really good. We were just having a good time, excited about everything,” Moss said.

Even though the enchanting night ended, the engaged couple is now waiting for their next magical day to approach. Moss will be attending college, and as of now they are looking for homes and the wedding is planned for a day in June 2020.