Leadership II- Follow up

At the beginning of February, students in the Leadership II class with Mrs. Seidl were asked to create a project that would put them in the position to be leaders in the community. Now, about two months later, groups are working towards their goal.

One group of seniors, Sydney Canney, Katie Hoy, Sydney Engleman, Micah Moyer, Gavin O’Steen and Dalton Hews are planning to take part in Kindness Day at the elementary school. They began by recording videos to show to the kids.

They believe that with their age, the younger students will consider them role models and look up to them. This will then lead the kids to follow their actions.

“With the videos, the younger students will get a visual of what they can do. They will get examples of how to act and how to be kind to people,” said Sydney Canney.

Katie Hoy said, “We focused on kids in the elementary because we wanted to start off with the youngest students first.”

All members believe that with the plan they have in place, they can really make a difference and an impact in the lives of the younger students.

Click here for the link to watch their final project!