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Ms. Forsmark- February Teacher of the Month

Ms. Forsmark- February Teacher of the Month

Ms. Forsmark- February Teacher of the Month

Kiva Forsmark February Teacher of the Month

Ms. Forsmark is one of the February Teachers of the Month. Forsmark was nominated by Mikayla Klein. Klein describes Ms. Foresmark as “the most understanding teacher I have ever had. She is extremely nice and a great teacher!!”

This is Forsmark’s first year at ADM High School and as a teacher. After eight years of college at Drake, ISU and the University of Minnesota Forsmark found her love for, “making science fun,” with high school students. She attended Drake for her MIT, Iowa State for her Masters in Chemical Engineering, and lastly a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. While in school at ISU, Forsmark worked in a middle school where she started to create lessons that would be fun for the students. After coming back to her lab she quickly realized she missed teaching and helping the kids.

Settling in the high school Forsmark resorted to the idea that girls may think science is not for them, she thinks she is a good role model for them and can receive any help needed. A day in her classroom can consist of Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Medical Terminology and or Human Body Systems. She feels as if she feeds off the student’s energy in the high school which allows her to help anyone.

When asked what February Teacher of the Month means to her, Ms. Forsmark answered, “It means a lot. I want all students to feel like Mikayla, and to be their best.”

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