A Day in the Shoes of a Hypebeast

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Recently students at ADM have had major success buying and re-selling popular and also expensive products that are high-end in the celebrity world. This type of business is known as “Hypebeast.”  Jordan Hook explained that a “Hypebeast” is “…someone who is really good at making purchases and re-selling stuff for a lot of money.” This trend all started with a group of people who had 3rd period open. Instead of sitting around waiting for the next class, they discovered that the skater brand, Supreme drops their new products during that time. Each of them agreed to try to purchase things so they could make a profit with it.

The first person at ADM to start this trend was Nick Lindgren. He was always interested in the Supreme brand but never considered how to purchase the products.

“One day it just clicked and I thought ‘wow,’ I didn’t know I could be making a lot of money with this and it is pretty safe, so why not do it?” Lindgren said.

Soon after he pitched the idea to his parents. They liked the idea of him making money in a safe and low-risk way.

One of the biggest things Lindgren stressed was getting educated on the products before buying them.

“I started googling stuff or watching youtube videos about it. You have to learn how the site works, how to actually buy the stuff and the best methods of buying”, Lindgren said.

Lindgren’s first major purchase was a North Face collaboration with Supreme blanket. Unfortunately, the blanket did not sell well.

“It was a good learning experience. Everybody has learning experiences when trying new things and mine was the blanket,” he said.

After buying the products Lindgren will post on various websites to advertise. Then, he figures out the amount he will sell the product for. There are many factors that come into how much profit you will receive such as percentage fees and mailing.

Nick believes this business has made him more mature and more aware of how he spends his money. He plans on doing this in college for extra cash while getting his degree.

“If you want to get into something new, you gotta get educated”, Lindgren said.

Jordan Hook got into the mix when her friends started the process during their open period. Her first major purchase was the popular Box Logo Hoodie made by Supreme. She bought it for $150 and sold it for $950 getting an $800 profit. With the second semester schedule, Hook is not able to purchase anything unless there is a drop of products on the weekend.

When figuring out what to buy, Hook usually uses her buddies Jacob Kenny and Nick Lindgren do the research and then she purchases what they find out.

“They do all the work; I just roll in the dough,” Hook said.

Hook said she possibly will keep doing this in college if she doesn’t have classes and the times match up.

Two other “Hypebeasts” in the 3rd-period gang are Jacob Kenny and Dakota Kahler. Lindgren pitched the idea to Kenny, but he didn’t know what Supreme was. After Kenny got on board, he told the idea to Kahler and he soon got excited about it as well.

“I thought Supreme was just a skater brand, which it is, but I didn’t know you could get a thousand dollars for a sweatshirt,” Kahler said.

When talking about their first purchases, Kenny was apart of the mistake of buying the North Face collaboration blanket with Lindgren. He says it was definitely an impulse buy.

“We thought we knew what we were doing because we thought everything would sell. Stuff will sell, but it won’t sell for as much as we thought it would.” Kahler said. 

Kenny’s forte is buying and re-selling Kanye West’s addition of Adidas, Yeezy. 

Yeezy’s are basically a Kanye West ‘Jordan’ shoe,” Kenny said. He pays $220-240 and sells for $100 profit.

As or right now, the boys aren’t doing much, but they are getting ready for February and doing research to see what is coming out. One of the products they are hoping to purchase is Pharrell’s “Human Race” Adidas collaboration.





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