Preseason Softball Works to Achieve Dreams


The Tigers take on the spring season to help them accomplish more in the regular season. Their next game is next weekend at home.

Kylee Luther and Matthew Larson

Last year, the ADM girls softball team achieved a lot and got so close to going to State. “It sucked. I couldn’t believe we were done and our goals weren’t accomplished, but at the same time, I’m so proud of how far we’d come. Three years ago, we only won three games and this last year we only lost six,” said Kate Collins, returning varsity player. Lindsey Lange agreed adding, “I felt sad knowing we had worked so hard and fell short for the third time.”

Although they did stumble in the end, the girls have already picked themselves up and are getting ready for this fresh new season! They use this spring season to get ready for the summer.
Lange explained that the “team has been going to open gyms twice a week (three times a week for pitchers and catchers) since September.” The spring season starts by helping the team mesh better, but it isn’t meant to be too serious.
Kila Carbine, returning varsity player, said, “The spring season helps us get reps that are key to the season. It helps us get the rust off so we are more prepared.” The players are able to try out new positions and switch up the batting order to figure out what works best before the regular season even begins.
“Spring season is on weekends and we play every weekend except Easter weekend and Prom weekend,” Carbine explained. Their next spring season game is next weekend at home.
The team may have disappointed in the past, and with a lot of good seniors last year gone, many have predicted this years team to not be very good. Lange, Collins, and Carbine agreed in saying, “I think our team will shock people this year. Everyone doubts us but it will be a different kind of play. More defense, more offense, but still winning. We will surprise them!”
The individual and team goals for the regular season, this year, revolve around making it to State. With all their hard work already starting, this team has something special.