Book Talk: The Inheritance Games


Photo by Jorja Janssen

Are you looking for a book that will keep you on your toes? One that will get you to keep turning the page? The Inheritance Games is a trilogy with a mix of suspense, mystery, fantasy, and romance.

The book follows the story of Avery Grams, a high school student living with her step-sister, Libby. One day Avery is interrupted during school and asked to come to the principal’s office. She was surprised to find a lawyer-looking man sitting with the principal and her sister. The man begins to tell Avery and Libby that Tobias Hawthorne, a billionaire, and man Avery has never met before, has sadly passed away and included Avery in his will. Avery is escorted to the Hawthorne mansion in Texas for the reading of the will.

“‘The remainder of my estate,’ Mr. Ortega read, ‘including all properties, monetary assets, and worldly possessions not otherwise specified, I leave to Avery Kylie Grambs.’ This is not happening. This cannot be happening. I’m dreaming. I’m delusional. ‘He left everything to her?'”

After the reading of the will, Avery finds that she has been given everything.

This suspenseful read will take you on a whirlwind of a story as Avery unites with Tobias Hawthorne’s grandsons to piece together the puzzle and figure out why he left everything to Avery. The trilogy is full of pieces to puzzles, clues, riddles, and more. Each book has a new puzzle to solve and will keep you on your toes.

You can find The Inheritance Games in Mrs. Johnson’s room, in the library, or on Amazon.