Lets Talk w/Kate and Alexa podcast: Mini ep: Rating NFL jerseys, as well as the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders


Hi guys! Its Kate and Alexa, welcome back to the podcast Lets Talk. In this episode we are doing a written form of the mini episodes we do each month, along with our big episode.We will be talking about the good and the bad jerseys through the years of the NFL, and a little portion talking about the inside world of being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. So lets get into it.


When you think of November, you think of many things, cold, thanksgiving and most importantly NFL games.

Alexa and I will each be giving our rating on these different NFL teams jerseys, we will describe them out and rate them. We have some good ones and some bad ones. Starting off we will be describing each jersey before rating them.

#1: Minnesota Vikings: All purple jersey with gold and white lines on the sleeve- 2 thick ones, and a little gold ¨vikings¨ on the top of the numbers on the front

#2: Carolina Panthers: All white jersey with blue and black stripe on the sleeve as well and a big panther on the sleeve

#3: Atlanta Falcons: All white jerseys with red ¨ATL¨ letters on the front with black and red numbers

#4: Buffalo Bills: Dark- almost navy blue jersey with blue and a black stripe on the sleeve, plus number on the front of the jersey as well as on the sleeves, with a red stripe across the top

#5: Pittsburgh Steelers: Black and Yellow striped jersey( bumble bee) looking

#6: Seattle Seahawks: Solid neon green jerseys with dark navy blue sleeve

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Now that we have described the jerseys, we are going to hear from Alexa and her opinion on each jersey.


¨The Vikings jerseys I love these ones, I think it looks really good on the field and I like that there is still some yellow incorporated but not to much all over, another one that I also love is the the Falcons jerseys, I think this is one of the best ones on the list, I love the smaller color details since the jersey is almost all white. Going off of that though I dont love the Panthers one, only because it is all white and seems kind of plain to me, unless there was little to no color on the jerseys. I would have really loved the colors switched like more blue and less white. The ones I thought were horrendous were the Steelers ¨Bumble bee¨ jerseys, it reminds me of an inmates outfit because of all the stripes, I am also not a big fan of the big numbers at all. I also hate the Seahawks jerseys, I dont like it, they look so much more like t shirts rather than a jersey. The bright green with the dark blue on the sleeves? No thank you. Last but not least, one that just is in the middle for me is the Bills, I think the color placement of the navy blue and the random line of red just doesnt seem to match and looks weirdly placed, like an after thought. So in all my top 2 would be the Vikings and the Falcons jerseys.¨


Now lets hear from the other side of this podcast, Kates opinion.


¨I agree with Alexa on the Vikings jerseys, I love the purple color and the way it looks together and that the gold isnt a weird musty gold color, it all blends very well together. My second favorite one is definitely the Panthers, which is very different from what Alexa said, I personally love the plain simple white with pops of blue through out it, I think the blue is a very good color. As well as the Falcons, I love how simple and cool they look. Moving on to the throw up ones, these ones give non professional football teams to me, especially the Steelers bumble bee ones and the Seahawks, I dont know what they were thinking. The Steelers really tried to incorporate both the colors but did it in the wrong way and made them look like bees, and the Sea hawks one just looks so bad, the colors are just very bad together in the ways they were put into the jersey. Last but not least the bills, like Alexa said I am in the middle for this one, I like the colors and them together but I think the placement of them are definitely weird and make them look all scrambled. So my top two would for sure be the Vikings and the Panthers jerseys.¨

Many people obviously watch football for the game but we thought this was fun and different outlook on NFL games and the jerseys through out the years.


Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders:

For a fun little segment of this “episode” we are going to be getting a little inside look on the lives of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, everyone knows about football and the players on the field but the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are one of the most intensive cheer leading program in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, support the Dallas Cowboys football team at every single game, they are the loudest and proudest but this cheer leading requires hard work. These cheerleaders are nicknamed “Americas Sweethearts” for there beauty and kindness on the field. They aren’t all about beauty though, each cheerleader has to try out and take a test/interview with the head coaches, they ask them a series of random questions to test if they are smart as well as pretty and athletic. Women from the ages of 18-40 come to these tryouts and train all summer, around 500 women from all over come and try out to be one of the notorious Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, the coaches love when there is diversity among these women, so they look for all sorts of different skin tones and hair color. Although an odd requirement for these ladies is they have to be “southern bells” since they represent Texas.

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Once you make it on to the team, they train all summer long as well as during the season, cheer leading for the Dallas Cowboys is a full time job for these women, but it has its perks. The Cheerleaders who make the team get to travel to many different games which means many different places around the world. Some get very popular and get sponsored by brands who give them things like, makeup, clothing or workout things. Cheering at games isn’t the only thing these girls have to do, they also do rehearsals, photo shoots and guest appearances at certain sporting events. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders perform at the AT&T stadium as well as on national television audience and do community service acts. Along with the cheer leaders being gorgeous and athletic the uniforms they wear also help them to stand out, they wear tiny tops and booty shorts decorated in stars and glitter of silver and blue. Their signature move is the kick line which is a very hard move to master because they all have to be in sync and have their legs at the right positions at all times. If you ever try out for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, be ready for the most intense but rewarding cheer leading program of your life.