Lets Talk with Kate and Alexa: May Podcast: The overview of the 2023 Met Gala

Photo creds: The Cut

Photo creds: The Cut

Hi guys welcome back to Lets Talk with Kate and Alexa, our May written episode. In this ¨episode¨ we are talking about everything to do with the 2023 Met Gala, we give an overview of what it is, the theme this year and of course our opinion on some of the looks. 


The Met Gala is known around the world as one of the most glamorous and prestigious fashion events and social gatherings. This event was formally known as the ¨Costume Institute Gala/Benefit¨, where many well known celebrities that are relevant to our time come and socialize, see the exhibition and eat some good food. The Met gala is a benefit event that provides for the Metropolitian Muesum Of Arts Costume Institute in New York City, and is organized by the fashion magazine, Vogue. The celeb guest list is very secret and precise, the celebs picked to come to these events range from fashion and film to music, theater, business, sports and social media as well as politics.

As fun and glamorous as this event looks, it isn’t always smooth sailing and has many rules and a schedule each celeb follows for this event. The most important rule the Met Gala has is, no phones or pictures to be taken, only by paparazzi. Usually this rule gets broken in the bathroom where many celebrities all meet up and take pictures. The reason for this rule is because it is very secret inside the Met.

Let us take you through this event step by step.

First things first walking into the Gala, the celebs pose for the 100s of paparazzi and walk the infamous carpet that matches the theme every year. Once you have walked through the carpet you enter the building and go into cocktail hour, which entails looking through the exhibition of the themes design and socializing with others, this lasts for a couple of hours while other celebs walk the carpet. This brings us to the dinner, this dinner is very formal and has a specific seating chart that is made by the event planner who puts people in specific seats so there is no drama and people can have fun with others and socialize. During the dinner, while eating great food, there is an entertainment source that plays for a while. Moving through this night we are now on to the last event of the evening which is the Met Gala after parties, celebs go change into another outfit more comfy and easy to move in and go party up it up.

The biggest thing about this event is the attire people wear, every year there is a new theme based on art, design and designers. This year’s theme was ¨Karl Lagerfeld: A line of beauty¨. Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer, creative director, artist and photographer. He began his career in the 1950s working for very well known fashion designer companies before joining Chanel in 1983. Karl was chosen for this theme of the 2023 Met gala, to honor him, his designs, and his accomplishments throughout his lifetime. He passed away in 2019, at the age of 85, so they wanted to memorialize him and everything he did. Most people were seen wearing black and white paired with intriquite designs of dresses and suits, as well as in Chanel. Some people decided to shade him secretly by wearing pink because it was known he didn’t like the color. Some of the guests that attended the 2023 Met Gala were not a fan of Karl Lagerfeld because of his strong opinions on different groups of people and other topics he strongly opened up on, on social media.


Now lets look at some of the looks for this year and our thoughts on them:



Top Looks of the night:

Alexa: I loved Salma Hayeks dress, this dress looks so good on her, it reminds me of prom and the ruffled bottom is so pretty. I also liked the beaded straps and her choice of earrings. Her hair pulled back also compliments the look extremely well rather than a hair down type of look. Not to mention she kills it in red. Gigi Hadis was more abstract in my opinion. For the theme given, I like the more simple and elegant looks, but she pulled this off. I love the tulle pieces and her hair is my favorite part. She might’ve taken a risk, but I think it payed off. Gisele looks like a goddess in this. Everything is perfect down to her amazing cape, her hair, makeup, and her jewelry. I think she nailed the theme and looked breathtaking. I loved Keke Palmers look, the simple no strap dress looked amazing on her, and the puffy coat cape compliments it beautifully.
Kate: I think all of these looks are so pretty and very different. My favorites from the top looks would have to be Salma Hayek, Margot Robbie and Dua Lipa, they are all so so pretty and give elegant prom vibes which I love. Dua Lipa is seen wearing a Chanel bridal gown that was worn by a Chanel model years ago and I like the history behind the elegance of it, the neck line matching with the design around the waste just looks so good on her body, it honestly is a perfect dress for her at this event. Margot Robbies dress is STUNNING and I would wear it myself if I could, I love the open corset look and the one shoulder, it looks so amazing on her and I love how simple her hair is with it since she already has a lot going on with the dress. Gisels dress fits her so well and is exactly what I imagine her wearing, the feathers and the glitter is all her. All of these looks are so elegant and not super over the top like some have been in the past. They fit the theme very well.


Least Favorite and the most interesting:

Alexa: I love bradley as much as the next girl, but this suit was extremely underwhelming. This is the met and I firmly believe you should go all out for such an event, and this look couldn’t have gone more plain. He looks great, but I was hoping for something more out there. I like what Olivia Rodrigo was going for with her look, but the bottom of her dress looks kinda odd to me. The black and white clashes like an illusion, and reminds me of pasta noodles. Lets talk about the cat looks though, Doja Cat really put the ¨cat¨ to her name when she showed up in a cat themed outfit meowing during interviews. Dont get me wrong I think the dress alone is gorgeous. The earrings, the sparkle, 10/10. I wasnt a fan of the cat ears or the cat prosthetic. If she looked normal and had makeup and hair down it would have been such a pretty look.
Kate: It was very easy for us to find least favorite and interesting looks because there were some odd looks this year, not over the top but very odd. Starting off with ones that just catch your eye… Lil Nas X and Jared Leto. These were definitely a look for sure, Jared Leto was getting his inspo from the designers cat that is supposedly very well know, as well as Doja Cats look. Jared Leto always has very advanced looks for these types of events so its nothing I didn’t expect from him, it works perfectly for him, just a very odd outfit. Lil Nas Xs look I’m not sure what his inspiration was because there weren’t many looks with a ton of jewels and im just not sure what he was supposed to be or represent, its very odd for a formal met gala carpet. I love Billie Eilish but its giving goth and I feel like her past couple of looks at other events have been so good, especially her now embracing her body more, I feel like she could have done better on this look personally. This blue look on Emma Chamberlain was not it, it didn’t match the theme at all and then fringe under the bottom of the top was not my favorite thing. I think surprisingly enough more needs to be there, not as business looking.

If you want to see more looks that were featured at the Met Gala, visit Vogue. com and see all of the other amazing and odd looks.