Top 15 Things to Bring to College


Photo by Abby Gonzalez

Dorm rooms are very small, so it is essential to bring what you need, and only what you need.

I. Shower shoes

  • Do you want fungus? Didn’t think so.

II. Computer

  • Or iPad. Very necessary to pass your classes.

III. Air pods

  • You don’t want to be that awkward kid who walks to class in silence.

IV. Throw blanket

  • When your friends come over, give them this so they don’t rub their nastiness on your bedding.

V. Laundry bag

  • Carry a basket in your arms? So everyone can see your dirty panties? Pass.

VI. Humidifier

  • Hey, we all get bloody noses, let’s avoid them. Okay, maybe not all of us.

VII. Extra sheets

  • Sleep on an icky mattress while your normal sheet are in the wash. Yeah right.

VIII. Air fryer

  • Who cares about the freshman 15?

IX. Healthy snacks

  • Me. I care.

X. Water bottle

  • Correction: emotional support water bottle.

XI. Going out fits

  • Wanna rage in sweats? You’re the only one.

XII. Fan

  • I sweat, and so do you. Dorms are tiny. And hot.

XIII. Tennis shoes

  • You will be marching around campus to class in nothing near as comfortable as sneakers.

XIV. Sunglasses

  • The outdoors is bright. We all know this.

XV. Disposable camera 

  • Capture the memories. The good and the bad. You’ll thank yourself when your 60.