February Teacher of the Month: Mrs. Scott


Photo by Brookelyn Evans

Mary Beth Scott- February Teacher of the Month, during a 9th/10th PE class where the students were participating in a step box workout.

Mary-Beth Scott has been nominated as one of the Teacher’s of the Month for the month of February. Scott was nominated by a few students here at ADM for continuously caring about her students, wanting them to succeed, doing things out of love for them, and always being understanding and kind. Scott has been teaching for 32 years, the past 13 years have been at ADM. She also has a teaching background in Urbandale, Woodward Granger, Knoxville, and more. Scott decided to become a teacher, because it is very important to her to have good role models and she wanted to be that for students, and P.E. specifically because she enjoys being active. When asked what being a Teacher of the Month means to her she said, “I appreciate the positive motivation from students, it makes me feel good to hear that from them”.