February Student of the Month: Callie Hazel


Photo by Nicole Hazel

Callie Hazel is the daughter of Bob and Nicole Hazel, as well as a senior this year. With her 3.98 GPA, Hazel has decided her favorite her classes, all for varying reasons. Her first curriculum love was News Journalism, for the sole reason of collaboration. With a family like class environment, Hazel thrived.  Next up, choir. Not only is Hazel’s passion for singing, and writing songs, in her free time a big reason for her adoration for the class, but the ability to express herself is also a big reason. Her third favorite class is Spanish, but not for the reason you think. Although she loves learning about a foreign language, she also just enjoys the teacher. Senora Baier makes the class so enjoyable, possibly because of the Spanish IV fiestas.

Callie Hazel has quite the list of activities to be involved in as well. Just from the beginning of her freshman year, Hazel has been a member of Choir (current Choir President), Jazz Choir, Large Group Speech, Individual Speech, Football Manger, Wresting Manager, Softball team, Track team, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Leadership Team, Student Council, National Honor Society, Drama (Musicals), Prom Committee, and News Journalism.

Shockingly, Hazel does have some free time, so how does she spend it? She regularly volunteers for her church, Saint John’s, in the youth ministry. Along with that she is also a foster family host for Aheinz57, as well as a Cat Patrol Officer.

After graduation, Hazel plans to attend Mizzou to study Mass Communications and Journalism.

The biggest advice she has to give to others to be successful within their high school career is, “Get involved, try new things. It will be so worth it. I made so many friends from all of my activities. It can seem like a lot but it really teaches you to create a balance in your life. I still make time for my friends and family, even though I am super busy. I have definite learned some time management skills after my four years at ADM High School.”

Hazel is most excited for her parking spot in the front of school because of the cold winter month, but feels most honored to be chose as ADM’s Student of the Month. She also believes her recognition comes from her hard work, commitment, and ability to be a nice person to everyone.

Due to Callie Hazel’s accomplishments, Raccoon Valley Bank has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Fund.