Noodle’s Rise to Fame: The Internet’s Dog

Have you checked the forecast today?


Photo by Chris Aukes

Taylor Macallister (senior) watches Noodle’s predictions for Thursday, October 28th.

Have you checked the forecast today? Does Noodle have bones? Let’s back it up a couple of steps. What on earth is a noodle doing with bones… right? Wrong! The current internet sensation is framed around the story of a 13-year-old pug named Noodle, who spends most of his time napping. Noodle’s owner, Jonathan Graziano from Massachusetts first posted his dog on TikTok in September of 2020, and has since gained over 2 million followers on his account. Why? Because his dog is the fortune teller of TikTok. Almost every day, Jonathan sits down with his sleeping pug and shows the internet what kind of day they’re going to have based on the structural integrity of Noodle’s legs. You see, if Noodle is lifted up from his nap and he stands up on his own, it’s a “bones day,” because he used his bones to stand. If Noodle just flops back over to sleep, it’s a “no bones day” for the opposite reason.
Now, people have gone wild for the news of this pug’s bones. So let’s hear the thoughts of the student body. Both Reyna Shirley-Brown and Mackenzie Evans heard about Noodle the pug’s “bones days” when it first started becoming a trend. Shirley-Brown explained the difference between “bones days” and “no bones days” by saying: “a ‘no bones day’ is kinda just like, taking it easy… and not going super hard with stuff” and “a bones day, you’re… just motivated.”
The internet has taken a huge liking to this pug, even making songs about the fate of the day, jewelry, or even forecast boards. Shirley-Brown noticed this trend too, and said that “the internet goes crazy, and I feel like it’s what a lot of people look forward to.” Evans even backed her up by saying “I think {this trend will stick around} for a while.”
No one could have predicted that the obvious ownership of bones could make an elderly pug so famous. And yet, people still wake up every day, check TikTok, and cross their fingers for Noodle to stand up on his own.

“That freaking dog standing up doesn’t fix any of my problems guys!” -Brookelyn Evans