The Importance of Finishing the School Year Strong


Photo by Haley Gonzalez

The halls are emptying just in time for summer. Keep up the great work ADM students!

The end of the 2020-2021 ADM school year is approaching for 9th-11th graders. Though it was long, and though it was strange, it is finally coming to a halt. No matter how easy it is to start to reminisce, it is important to keep in mind that finishing the school year with a sense of urgency and hard work should take priority. No matter how badly you are ready to clock out, here are some helpful reminders to consider and keep you motivated for your finals and school work.

  1. Keep in mind your overall GPA. If you are beginning to let your grades slip because you are over the school year, I hear you. But ending the semester with a handful of grades that are less than your best, is a bad idea. These grades determine a lot for your future and you should finish strong.
  2. As of now, there is one week left. Don’t let your tiredness get the best of you. It can be as simple as changing your perspective and looking at is as “one more week of hard work, for months of summer satisfaction.”
  3. Your grades are not a reflection of who you are. It comes so easy to each of us to be so hard on ourselves, but in maintaining focus, we must remember to give ourselves grace. As long as you are making time to commit to your finals and schoolwork, the letter grade is not a representation of your progress.
  4. There is no lost causeLots of students will use the example of “there is no salvagin my grade” to get out of persevering the rest of the school year. This is not true at all. Though ADM does not offer extra credit, our reassessment policy is convenient for these situations. Most teachers are using their finals time to allow students to relearn and improve their grade, so take advantage of this opportunity.
  5. Maintain a balance of your time. You are probably expecting me to say something like, make time for your friends too, don’t let your school work take over. While that’s good advice and all, I’m here to talk to the people who don’t make time for their homework. Treat school like a job, even if it’s only until the semester is over.

Good luck to all the students cramming and taking their finals. Congratulations seniors on new beginnings.