Iowa Senate Passes No Permit Gun Legislation


House file 756 is on Kim Reynolds desk, which decides the fate of Gun Permits in Iowa.

As of Monday, a bill that will not require Iowans to have a permit to purchase a gun has been passed through the Senate and sent to Governor Reynolds Desk. This bill, House file 756, passed with a vote of 31-17. 

Many Republicans support the loosening of the gun laws, arguing that background checks required at purchasing are enough information for Iowans to carry guns. Some Democrats are concerned that you no longer need a permit to purchase from a private dealer, letting someone who would not pass a background check still have the opportunity to get their hands on a gun. 

If a private dealer is caught selling to someone that should not have a gun, they will be charged with a Class D felony. House file 756 also protects gun manufacturers from being sued for criminal use of their guns, as well as allowing off-duty cops and reserve officers to carry guns on school property. 

As of now, Iowa is considered a shall-issue state, meaning that if someone applies for a permit and meets the criteria, it has to be issued to them. By having a permit, Iowans 21 and older are allowed to carry within city limits. Their Iowa-Issued permit also allows them to carry in neighboring States such as Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Minnesota and Illinois do not allow guns to be carried with an Iowa permit.  

It is unsure at this time if Governor Reynolds will sign the bill, as she voted for gun permits in 2010 during her time as a senator.