Becoming by Michelle Obama: Book Review

Michelle Obama: using her voice and representing passion.

Michelle Obama: using her voice and representing passion.

After reading the book Becoming authored Michelle Obama, I learned a lot. I not only learned of things she has experienced from childhood to adulthood, but extremely important advice.

For starters, this autobiography blew my mind when I read of the reasoning behind some policy, or something I saw on the news. It is hard sometimes to put a face or partnership in front of an effect by law on life.

Michelle talks about the way she grew up, where and how. She explains how her young life experiences made her the person she is, and how she never even could have predicted her life. Not wanting to step in to the political world at all, this former First Lady learned how to adjust to the spotlight of campaigning and living in the White House.

You will learn of her great sacrifices for her husband’s career and how she managed parenting two children by living in the eyes of the entire world.

Her impressive resume is only one part of her life that will leave you in awe and the many hands she has to use to tackle simple tasks might surprise you.

I would recommend this book to anyone, of any political nature, as the book does share some opinion, but mainly focuses on actual experiences.