Iowa House Passes Restrictions Against Transgender Students


Students at ADM High school learning during the debate for trans rights in schools.

As of today, February 9, 2021, there are 3 bills that are 25% progressed through the approval process in Iowa. These bills (if they’re passed) will stop transgender students from playing sports with the gender that they have transitioned to, they would also require teachers to tell the student’s parents if the student comes out with different pronouns. These bills would also require all students to use the bathroom of their birth gender. Opinions run rampant through Iowan schools, as students debate over whether or not these bills are morally correct. 

At ADM, we have some very strong allies to transgender students… an ally is someone who stands with someone from a certain community, and will help to protect them. 

Madie Stewart, a transgender ally, has a couple of thoughts on the subject of the new bill. Stewart thinks that people should “get the right to choose what to do with their body… especially trans [people]”. And it’s not just one person’s thoughts. Over the past week, students all around Iowa have been voicing their different opinions in schools, over social media, and in emails to our state representatives. 

Another student at ADM, Courtney Baldwin (junior), says that the laws are “discriminating against them.” She mentioned that there should be gender-neutral bathrooms for non-gender-conforming students, and/or transgender students, so they don’t have to feel threatened. Baldwin thinks that we, as a human race, should “try to decrease the amount of discrimination against people in general.”

There are also students that have disagreeing opinions with Stewart and Baldwin. They have also been voicing their opinions. So far, all students have been showing how they feel in a safe way, without causing any harm to those around them. These new bills have helped young people find their voices, and speak about what they feel is right… no matter how controversial the bill.