How students really feel about the new semester


Photo by Paige Jansen

Kimberly Hall (Senior) shows her school spirit by dressing up for homecoming, on her first week back to school.

As of Tuesday, January 19, the second semester of classes have begun at ADM. For many students, this means new schedules, new assignments, and making new friends. Students take time to adjust to schedules, and are given several days to decide to drop a class. But this does not mean that the new semester isn’t hard on our children.

Freshman Henley Dennis believes that the classes this semester are almost too easy. She thinks that the teachers are “super chill… I feel like they should be more hard on the student.” Some students are having a bit of trouble challenging themselves in class. They want more work, and less play.

For some, it feels like the first day back at school. For Kimberly Hall (Senior), a robe and slippers were the perfect outfit for the new semester. This week is “Homecoming” week, and the dress-up day for Tuesday was pajamas. Hall said the day felt “like the first day of school, except it was winter, and I was wearing a robe.” This also happened to be her first day back at school, since she opted to spend her first semester online.

Sadly, some students don’t feel as good about the new semester as Dennis and Hall. Lenaya Achrchuleta-Sams mentioned that this new schedule makes her more emotional, and even makes her “want to cry.” The change in schedule can make homework harder to manage for some students, and might even make school seem like an uninviting place. Luckily for Achrchuleta-Sams, most students tend to settle into their new schedules by the end of the first week.

All in all, most students seem to be well adjusted to their schedules by now, the 21 of January. Hopefully, this semester will bring more friends, happiness, and better grades than the last one did. Here’s to 2021.