2021 New Years’ Resolutions

2021 New Years' Resolutions

Photo by Kashish Patel

Recently, we all celebrated a very different New Year’s. As the tradition continues I am sure all of us made some New Years’ resolutions. A few days I was reflecting on the past year what it has taught us. This past year took away many of our loved ones but it left some important teaching for us to consider in our lives. The one thing that the past year taught me is that you should never be too comfortable with what you have because nothing is permanent and once that one thing that you loved the most leaves you, it leaves a crack in your heart that can never be fixed. Based on this learning I made many new resolutions not just for this year but for my entire life. 


One resolution that I made was that I will always make my family my first priority. This past year I learned the importance of family and how much they matter in your life. When all of us were quarantined at home we got the time to spend with our family. This was something that many of us are not fortunate enough to do in our daily lives, especially when nowadays life is moving on so quickly. In the time that I spent with my family, I got to share so many things with my family, things that brought me and my family closer together. We reflected on our childhood memories and the happenings of our lives. This time has taught me that nothing in this world matters more than family. And from now on my family will always be the priority. 


Another resolution that I made this year is that I am going to save more money than the amount I spend. I made this resolution because I saw so many people around me get affected immensely by the pandemic. Many lost their jobs, homes, and other of their belongings. It made me realize how much saving matters. Before this, I used to spend money on things that I am never probably going to use again. Seeing everyone running out of money made me realize how blessed I am to have a roof over my head and food on the table every day. If you save money today, it will help you tomorrow. 


The last resolution that I made was to care for the environment more. This resolution is not connected to the other resolutions but another lesson that I got from this year is that nature is bigger than any science. It is the greatest healer yet can be the most dangerous destroyer. If you care for nature, nature will care for you. Before 2020, we used to cause so much pollution, and damage to the environment but when we were quarantined we saw nature rehealing. Caring for the environment will mean a better future for us and all the upcoming generations. 


These resolutions are resolutions that I will follow throughout my life and encourage others around me to do the same. These resolutions will help me be a better person and a more responsible person. These were just some of the resolutions that I made and I am sure you guys have some resolutions for yourselves as well. The fulfillment of these resolutions will result in a better lifestyle for you and me.