December Fine Arts Student of the Month: Aaron Teckenberg

Aaron has been honored for his dedication to News.


Photo by Kashish Patel

Aaron Teckenberg, Fine Arts Student of the Month

Aaron Teckenberg, son of Garrick and Trina Teckenberg and a senior at ADM, is honored as the December Fine Arts Student of the Month for this outstanding work in News. Along with News, Teckenberg is also a part of Football, Basketball, Golf, and FCA. Aaron says that he has learned “great leadership skills” from these sports. Aaron is the Director of Visual Media on the News Staff. “This position holds a lot of responsibility and it teaches you how to be a good leader,” said Teckenberg.”

He further added, “Being a part of News allows you to make new friends, and create tons of good memories that you take back.” Aaron Teckenberg has been a part of the News Staff for about 2 years now and he is very dedicated to the staff. Aaron said, “Being the Fine Arts Student of the Month means a lot to me because it shows that I am doing a good job and am being recognized for my work.” Aaron has been working hard, putting in a lot of time and effort into News to earn this honor.