Marckmann: Leadership

Hello, I am Zoe Marckmann. I’m a junior at ADM and am apart of the ADM Black and Redgister news staff. Being on the News Staff has taught me so much throughout the year. One of the major lessons I learned while being apart of the News Staff is how to be a leader. Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people. In and out of the Newsroom I had to be a leader for my school, taking on roles such as filming volleyball and football games for families that couldn’t make it to the game. Another way I became a leader was through the information I put on the Black and Redgister. Aaron Teckenburg and I created informational videos called “Teck Talks”, a spin-off of Ted Talks. These videos included information to help students with interviews from Aaron, students, and staff members. We made sure to make these videos helpful for students, but at the same time adding entertainment into there busy schedules. Creating these videos took me out of my comfort zone and helped to lead my school in a positive way. I’m very thankful for all the bonds I created with the people in the News Room and am excited to see what the past seniors will do with there futures.