Weesner – End of an Era

The graduating class of 2020. What a strange way to finish our story, the final chapter in what seems to be a never-ending saga. Whether the early cutoff to your school year affected you or not, it’s something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. In such a manner, the time I’ve spent in the ADM High School newsroom will stay with me for years to come. From the mentors of previous years, to the trainees of years to come, an overwhelming portion of my time has gone into work for the publication.

Always wanting to create videos and content myself, I was lucky enough to be put in a position where I could learn to better my editing skills, as well as my storytelling skills. I owe a lot to the people who taught me and argued with me, they changed my outlook on my work and made me a better person.

When I first received the invitation to join the team, I was a little hesitant to accept it. I would say I’m not the most prolific writer, nor the most diligent worker you could find roaming the halls. To this day I still question why I was chosen, but I’m thankful I was, because I’m not sure how I would’ve spent those extra class periods in the day.

With the knowledge I’ve gained and the encouragement I’ve received, I’ve been able to pursue my own passions. I’ve relaunched my personal Youtube channel, started a channel on Twitch (that probably won’t get used for a while), Twisted Goat is going strong, and I’m a more confident person than I’ve ever been.

Of all of the things that I’ve learned in all of my classes in high school, the things I’ve learned in News are probably the most important ones. Finish your work on time, be kind to others, and above all other things, have a great day.