May Kiwanis Student of the Month – Nathaniel Aukes


May Kiwanis Student of the Month, Nathaniel Aukes in his favorite place, the airport

Nathaniel Aukes, son of John and Tracy Aukes is one of the May Kiwanis Students of the Month.

Nathaniel wrapped up the year with a 3.3 GPA, and said that his favorite classes have been English 2, because of Mr. Feltes and his friends making it fun, Algebra 2, because it was a welcomed challenge and Mr. Goodale made it fun, and Band, because he really enjoys music and thinks Mr. Braun is a great teacher.

Throughout high school, Nathaniel has been involved in all things Band, as well as volunteering as a boy scout, at his church, and the local airport.

Nathaniel’s advice to others is, “If you really care about something you should try to be your very best at that something, have fun once in a while, not everything has to be serious.”

“It is an honor to be selected as Kiwanis Student of the Month because it means that I’ve done good and someone outside of myself and close family and friends noticed. Additionally , because someone noticed, that also means that in some way, shape, or form I have made an impact on someone. Whether it be their judgement of me or their lives, I’ve made an impact and that’s great!”

“I think I was selected because I try to make good impressions on everyone and I guess my selection means that I’ve fooled somebody.”

In honor of his achievements, Kiwanis of Adel has donated $50 to the ADM Scholarship Fund.