Personal Growth

Instead of using Corona-cation as a time to do nothing and relax, I’ve used it as a time of personal growth. During Iowa’s open but shut down cure flattening, I’ve done or experienced the following:

Received acceptance to my dream school,

gotten a promotion,

experienced the loss of my cat,

learned how to be a better fish and plant mom,

bought a TV for $4,

made at least 1,000 video calls,

completely destroyed my sleep schedule,

waited until the last possible minute to do my AP Lang,

and more.

I never knew that going between work, the gas station, and home for a few months would change me so much. I’ve gone into overtime or pretty close to it for a few weeks in a row and I’ve completely flipped when I work from early mornings to late nights. For the first time in forever, I’ve had some time to focus on myself and try to grow. I started going to state and county parks to hike, I started to take naps on hammocks, and I’ve consumed more water than I ever have. I’ve found more purpose to life than skurrying from assignment to assignment trying to do the bare minimum, and I’ve been more ready to take what’s mine. I’ve learned how to command more respect from my crew and I’ve even made friends in this weird, uneasy time of our lives. There is no doubt that this will shape us, no matter how hard we try to prevent it, but if you use this time as a time of personal growth, you’re going to walk out stronger than you walked in.