2020 Graduation Parties

2020 Graduation Parties

2020 seniors, have you thought about how to have a grad party? Are you having a grad party? If you need some ideas about how to bring your friends and family together to celebrate you, here are some tips and tricks to help you.

1. Drive-by – This is a good option if you still want to see your friends and family. Set up some tables, balloons, and your picture boards along the curb or wherever you choose, have your friends and family drive by and honk, drop off some cards, and maybe grab some food like a drive-through.


2. Google Hangout or Zoom call – From the safety of your home, set up a zoom call or google hangout for people to join in and congratulate you from a far distance. Worried about too many people in the call? set up more than one time for family and friends separately to join and say hi.


3. Traditional Party – Of course with a traditional party, there may be some limitations to what you can do. Rent out a spot, set up your party and invite people 10 at a time. This may mean you cannot invite as many people as you would like but, you can have close family and close friends come at different times to hang out and congratulate you. Of course, staying six feet apart and with proper gloves and face masks.


4. Create a Video – This is not as great of an option for seeing friends and family but, still an option. Ask friends and family to record a video of themselves saying congratulations, compile these into one video with other pictures of you growing up, maybe some funny videos of you to celebrate your accomplishments. When finished, send the video out, or post in on social media for loved ones to see the finished product.


All of these are great options and ways to celebrate YOU. Of course, it is not the graduation party you dreamed of having, or wanted to have but, there are still ways to have one, you don’t have to be stuck without some kind of celebration.

Still having a grad party? Snap a picture and post it on social media with the tag #ADMgradparties2020 and we can start a trend of our celebrations!