Why I Want to be a Kindergarten Teacher.


It’s been over a year of my commitment to myself of wanting to become a kindergarten teacher. But before my commitment and my passion to wanting to be under that profession I should tell you what went into that. So first off I wanted to do something that normally not a lot of people do, I wanted to be different. But I also had to take into consideration of what I am good at and what I love to do.

The First thing that I’m good at is People. I can talk to anyone and have a good conversation with them, and that is from very young to old in age. I realized that I was good at this when I got into high school and I joined a class called Intro to theater. I was able to express myself, and be able to talk to a crowd or just have good conversations with people.

The Second thing I’m good at is kids. I love kids, and I think having a job surrounded by them would be very fun. But not a lot of people would think that, most people would think that it would be stressful, a lot of work and really just chaotic. But I know what all comes with being a Kindergarten teacher and I know I’ll be ready for that challenge.

The Third thing that played a role into me picking my profession was my family. Most of my family has been a teacher of some kind. My Dad was a teacher and later became a principle for two high schools, my Grandma was a kindergarten teacher for over 30 years, my Grandpa taught in the high school building and has coached the boys golf team for many years and still is to this day, and also aunt was even a teacher. There is such a teaching background in my family that I think is so cool why wouldn’t I become a teacher.

But I wanted to be different I didn’t just want to be a high school teacher that teaches one subject the whole day. I wanted to do something that not everyone can say that they did, or when I say profession people would think that would be interesting. I did some research and 77% of kindergarten teachers are women, I think that’s crazy and I would like to make a difference and show that males can do that profession too. And that’s why I’m deciding to become a Kindergarten Teacher.