FCA- What is it?


Photo by Zoe Marckmann

The final round of rock paper scissors is intense because it will determine the winner of the game. Mara Pospisal said, "I love being apart of FCA because everyone is so inviting and it's such a great community of people growing closer in their faith."

FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This doesn’t mean that you need to be an athlete to come to FCA, all high schoolers are welcome. They meet every other Monday at 7:45 pm in the board room located in the middle school.

At the beginning of the meeting snacks are passed out and a game is started. The snacks and games are different every week. After the game is finished, a representative of every current sport gives a little update about how their season is going and announces any upcoming games.

Then it is time for the guest speaker to talk to the group. The speakers and their messages are different every meeting. The topics could be about sports, relationships, praying, etc. Following the message, everyone is counted off and they break into small groups. The leaders of the groups have questions they ask related to the message. This is a time for people to open up and share their triumphs and struggles or discuss what the message meant to them. No one is forced to answer a question if they don’t want to. “I love FCA because it’s a place where a bunch of high schoolers with different stories come together to worship the same God,” said Faith Moyer.

When all of the small groups are finished discussing, everyone comes back together to pray. This is usually around 9 so that people can get home at a decent time.

If you would like reminders for meeting times, text @kbaier to 81010. If you have any questions you can ask Mr. Mueller or anyone involved in FCA.