The Never-Ending Flames

The Fires that are Destroying Australia

Animals such as the brush-tailed rock wallabies are on the brink of extinction.

Photo by Paige Jansen

Animals such as the brush-tailed rock wallabies are on the brink of extinction.

Halfway across the world, Australia is in flames. People are losing their homes and their lives. The gorgeous continent known for its natural wonders and wildlife is full of ashes and overtaken by the bushfires. Here’s what you need to know:

25 million acres of land is on fire

All six of Australia’s states have been affected by the fires, but the worse damage can be found in New South Wales, where Sydney is located.  The fires started in early September of 2019 and have damaged around 2,000 homes. Most of the fires have been started by lightning, but others were started on purpose. Twenty-four people have been charged with deliberately starting bushfires, said informants at CNN. These fires are spreading rapidly because of hot temperatures and drought. Over 100 fires are burning in New South Wales alone.

Two dozen people have lost their lives

The Australian government is working hard from keeping this number from rising, with states of emergency having been declared in New South Wales and Victoria. These warnings are advising people to evacuate their homes and go somewhere safe. Australians outside of the bush fire areas are dealing with the danger of the smoke from the fires. According to BBC, breathing in the smoke is as bad as smoking 37 cigarettes. Residents of Sydney have been dealing with hazardous air quality. This has lead to a 10% rise in hospital admissions.

One billion animals have died

Australia’s wildlife has been the biggest victim in these fires. Animals such as kangaroos and koalas have been especially impacted by the fires. In New South Wales alone, it is estimated that around a third of the kolas have lost their lives. Surviving Koalas that are left are living with a lack of food, water, and shelter. According to CNN, around 30 percent of their habitat has been destroyed. Koalas are even starting to change their lifestyle habits but approaching humans in search of water and rescue from the fires.

How to Help

With these deadly fires showing no signs of stopping, Australia needs all the support they can get.

Popular Brand Pura Vida is helping Australia by selling a fire relief bracelet where 100 percent of the net sales are donated to the Australian Red Cross, which is helping the emergency teams to continue providing critical support to communities in need. This bracelet is available for purchase at and is six dollars.

To help displaced koalas and other wildlife, you can donate to an organization run by the late Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi. This organization has raised almost a million dollars so far and is using the money to send medical supplies to wildlife rescuers on the frontline of fire-affected areas and to build an intensive care ward for there koala patients.

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