Weesner: Be Great Today

While the 18-19 school year hasn’t been the kindest to me, my journalism family has. In an effort to be like my mom while at the same time pursuing my dream to create movies, I decided to join the news team. Being able to work on creating videos and writing stories with my friends was a great break to have in the middle of the day.

But it wasn’t always a cakewalk. I know Mrs. Basinger wasn’t always pleased with my lack of respect for deadlines, but when it came time for a Friday Flash, I was on the clock. Many a study hall and after school hours the week of publication were spent at a Mac in the corner, slaving over a mouse and keyboard, trying my hardest to stay out of the English teachers’ conversations.

I learned a lot through leadership meetings, how to work with others and how to express yourself as a “boss.” From Mrs. Basinger, I learned to look at the brighter side of any situation. From Kristen, I learned that done right is better than done on time. From Alisher I learned the importance of brotherhood and cooperation, and from Steve, I learned that all of the hard work you pour into your work is sure to payoff in the end.

So as I sit as the only student left to write this story, I just have one message to leave you with before I return in the fall, and its something I’ve heard every day this year:  Have a great day, and be great today.