May Softball Player of the Month: Emily Hatchitt


Emily Hatchit is the May Softball Player of the Month. Emily is a senior. She is the daughter of Mindy Huntoon and Chris Hatchitt.

Emily has been playing softball since she was five years old. What she loves about softball is the team aspect and the mental toughness it builds. “As an individual, it is my job to take care of my position and ground out in the outfield as well as executing at the plate, which takes a lot of confidence in my work. If I make a mistake I can’t let that bother me because it will hurt everyone else,” said Hatchitt.

She also loves her teammates; they are family. They focus on their goal and executing to get one step closer each game while having a lot of fun at the same time. Hatchitt loves how they always have each other’s backs on and off the field.

Hatchitt feels honored to be the Athlete of the Month. She’s worked very hard these past several years to be the softball player that she is today. “I can’t thank my parents and coaches enough for all the support and knowledge. I’m also super lucky to have amazing teammates who continue to push me,” said Hatchitt.

She thinks she has been honored because she has worked very hard to be the athlete she is in season and especially in the offseason. She knows she is not the best player on the team but she tries her best to always give a 110% and be there for her team so they can reach their goals.

In recognition of Hatchitt’s achievements, Adel Family Dentistry has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.