Living the dance life


Photo by Tammy Ryan

Living the dance life

What’s your favorite subject at school?

French is my favorite subject because I just like learning about a different culture and being able to feel the difference between American culture. I’ve done it 4 years now.

Where are you planning to study?

I’m planning on going to Grandview University and I plan on studying biochemistry and minoring in French.

Where do you teach dance?

Adel Tumbling and Dance. I’m a dance assistant there for almost six years now. My favorite things that I have learned from it is that I have been able to build a connection with younger kids of our community which I feel like is really important because they see the high-schoolers, the people that they will grow up to.

Why did you choose dance as a part of your daily life?

When I was younger it was just something to do, something that I thought will be kind of cool and then I’ve done it every year since then because I just walked into it and it’s a great way for me to express my emotions and to stay active.

What’s your favorite part about dance?

I really like performing because I like being able to showcase not only what I do. I always dance in a group so I like being able to showcase everybody else’s talent and I really enjoy watching them as well. I feel like the performance is my favorite aspect of it.

Why did you choose to work with kids?

I chose to work with kids because earlier in my life I was sure I was going to be an elementary school teacher and then it just started developing. I really love working with kids and it’s something I enjoy to do. I like seeing them grow up through the years.

What’s the funniest or the nicest part of working with kids?

At the dance, when we do attendance, we always ask them to answer a question or something and so we always ask things like what are you planning to get for Christmas or something like that and I always say something like clothes and they freak out because none of them want clothes. They always say toys and it’s really cute. When I see them in public and they recognize me, they always come up and say hi to me, which is super sweet.

Do they drive you crazy or is it easy?

It gets pretty easy because I get to know them and they all start to trust me and listen to me. Even when they are super excited and full of energy and because dance is an active thing, they usually go super crazy, which is really fun.

Do you have any goals connected with dance?

I would like to continue dancing as long as I can since I want to be on the dance team at Grandview. If I get the opportunity, I would like to continue dancing as a hobby throughout my adult life.

Do you have any hobbies besides dance?

I love singing in the choir and I enjoy doing it and I love reading as well. Typically, I read romance, fiction or historical books.

Why should other people teach for their dance studio?

I think it’s a really good opportunity if you are interested in working with kids and you like to dance. You get to know the people of your community and start to understand how these kids react and you learn to connect with the younger kids better.

Do you have any siblings and how does this help you to interact with them?

I have three siblings. It does help me because my youngest sister is around the same age and that helps to keep me updated with what’s current and cool with the little kids.

How do you find time to do this?

I manage to get to all my dance classes on one day but I always made time with it ever since I’ve started doing it in 6th grade. You start making time for it because I was so used to it when I was younger and not as busy as I got older.

What else do we need to know that I didn’t ask about? What is the funniest thing that always happens?

They always ask me questions like how old are you and if I’m still living with my mom and what my husband looks like and I’m like guys I’m only 18 now and they were asking those questions even when I was younger, which is really funny.