Student Journalist Lessons

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Being a student journalist could be compared to having a part-time job. Both do not ask for all of your time, you have your coworkers (or staff), and you interact with a variety of people.

But even though being a student journalist does not demand your undivided attention and time, it really does. I have learned that despite your absence in the classroom at the moment, you are always on duty. Unconsciously, your ears are constantly on the clock listening for stories. Your eyes scan your surroundings to search for an event to report on.

Every person suddenly becomes approachable when you transition from a student to a student journalist- you cannot be timid when a story is waiting to be discovered and exposed. Without even noticing, your mannerisms and voice change to accommodate for the situation of approaching somebody and interacting with them. Professional mode is initiated.

The more you interview people, the more you realize what type of person is the ideal interviewee. Cooperative, talkative, thoughtful with their words, and open are the magic combination to a journalist. But not everyone meets those standards and your job is to adjust to that accordingly and interact with the person in a manner that will make them feel comfortable. You gain experience in reading people- their words, their facial expressions, their body language, etc.

I have learned how to enhance my social skills, step out of my comfort zone, understand others a little more, and how to pay attention outside of my world and look into others’.

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