How to Stay Connected During the Summer and Beyond

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How to Stay Connected During the Summer and Beyond

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As senior year comes to an end, many start to follow down their own path. Getting ready for college and their next chapter, friends can begin to busy themselves and drift one step away from each other. Staying connected with your friends, classmates, and peers once school is dismissed can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are a few steps to avoid losing contact and relationships:

Communicate- Send a Snapchat, text, or even call! Stay up to date, making sure to communicate with each other. Use group chats to share what works for everyone if you want to get together. Group chats also work well for seeing what everyone is up to.

Plan- Get ice cream, take a road trip, go bowling, plan a day and event. Set the time and day where everyone can get together! Create a time where everyone can catch up and create memories.

Understand- Notice many have family and other friend commitments they also need to attend to. It could be weeks before everyone can get together. Keep planning a time for all!

Reach out- During the summer, many are busy working and or traveling out of state. Take a risk, and reach out to new people! Invite others to hang out–who knows, you could meet a new best friend. Adopt yourself into the community, try new things, and meet new people.

Follow through- Make it happen! Dedicate time to plan a day and gathering. Stay trustworthy and true to your word.  Lastly, go and have fun.

Those who attempt to connect with you as you do for them, matter! Make the memories and time shared before everyone is divided between university and hours of driving to get back home.

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