Dialing In: Recap of This Football Season


Photo by Regan Wahman

Sydney Ebeling, Reporter

Football is known as the perfect way to kick off the school year, literally. This year was no different. Seniors decorated overalls, freshmen never cheered; it was the usual high school football game scene. In one way though, this year was unlike others. Despite hard work and passion from all the players, the Tigers went 1-8 with the single win due to a forfeit. So how do the players feel after this season?

Senior Gage Fuller said, “The record didn’t really show how hard our team worked, but I just really liked going out there on Friday nights making some memories with my friends.”

Junior Lucas Heitz added,”There were a few games where it could’ve gone either way and we were on the wrong side of that.”

Whether it was bad luck or poor execution, there is no doubt that the Tigers wanted those wins. Every player had different thoughts on how they could have improved their team, or themselves during this season.

Senior and quarterback Matthew West said that execution was a weak point. “I believe I could’ve played better, so that would help the team to win more games. We could’ve executed a lot better on offense.”

One thing that could not be blamed for the losses this season was the student section. Nick Lindgren said, “They were there through thick and thin, for sure.”

So besides the student section, what kept these players motivated while they were on the field?

Heitz used the criticism. “People saying, ‘Oh you’re just going to lose the next game, and the next game’, that was motivation.”

As a senior, Fuller said, “I keep reminding myself that time is limited. Pretty soon time is going to be up. I’m not going to be able to strap on the pads again. Just make every moment count.”

Despite the record, the Tigers found a reason to keep playing and giving their all throughout the season.

“I play football because I love the game and I like being out on the field with my teammates,” said West.

Both Lindgren and Fuller also play it for the fun and the love of the game. They get to spend time with their teammates for their last season of high school football.

Heitz added, “I like working together towards a common goal, and you never get to hit someone outside of football.”

Although the season did not pan out as we had all hoped, these Tiger football players still found reasons to go out onto the field on Friday nights, and still put a special kind of passion into the game. They did it for each other and for the love of the game. These players have made the best they can out of a disappointing situation.

“Team first,” said West, while smiling at a fellow teammate.

“It’s never fun to lose every game,” Lindgren said, “but there’s more to football than winning.”