Tigers Look to Remind Norwalk of Regional Loss


Struggling to sit still, the ADM girls pose after winning the 2016 state qualifying soccer game. They took Norwalk to overtime before defeating them 2-1.

Sydney Bertman, Reporter

ADM Girls Soccer is expected to have another successful season. After a 20-2 record, 2016 State Tournament appearance, and loss of just two starting seniors, the Tigers are number four in the state’s first season rankings.

The girls started their season off strong with a 10-0 win against Carroll last Thursday. Their next game will be the real test of the Tiger’s strength as they face the Norwalk Warriors for the first time since defeating them in overtime at the 2016 regional final.

Senior Captain Allie Cook is a returning offensive force for the Tigers. She said, “I think they’re (Norwalk) a good team and always put up a good fight. They’re always ready to play.” Norwalk has already played and won three games this season. They are ranked 14th in the state. “I expect the game to be very competitive with a lot of back and forth. There will be moments we will be in control but moments where they will be. Hopefully, we’re in control more,” said Cook.

“Our team is looking good so far. There’s a lot of changes this year with people playing different places, but there’s a lot of returning talented players to help lead the team even through adversity.” Cook is confident about the outcome of the season, “We’re going to accomplish our goals and get back to State; we’ve been working hard already.”

The game will be played Thursday, April 13th at 7:00 PM at Island Park in Adel.